Three Reasons Why Our Compliance Manual Gives Better Advice than Google

Posted on April 03, 2023

by Mack Rudisill, J.D., Senior Consultant and Grace Beverly, Consultant

#1 The Big Orange Book Provides Clear and Concise Answers to Complex Compliance Questions.

The Big Orange Book was first published in 1988 and quickly became the industry standard compliance manual. Why did the Big Orange Book gain so much popularity so quickly? The answer is simple- our answers are simple. Ever-changing federal compliance regulations are stressful enough, so we decided to break complex regulations down in plain business English.

As attorneys and compliance officers, we interpret the “legalese” of government regulations in this easy-to-read, all you need to know, compliance Bible. The Big Orange Book is written so that banking professionals can get clear, correct, immediately usable guidance about those regulations quickly and easily.

#2 The Big Orange Book Covers Banking Regulations from A-Z and Everything in Between.

When we say the Big Orange Book covers everything you need to know, we mean it. Fondly nicknamed “BOB” by compliance officers who were tired of having to scour endless sources for compliance advice, the name has stuck with us for decades of providing top-notch compliance advice for our customers – all compiled in a single compliance manual. The Big Orange Book provides an in-depth review of major federal banking regulations: such as: Truth in Lending Act/Regulation Z, Truth in Savings Act/Regulation DD, Loans to Executive Officers, Directors, and Principal Shareholders/Regulation O, Expedited Funds Availability Act/Regulation CC, Electronic Fund Transfer Act/Regulation E, Home Mortgage Disclosure Act/Regulation C, Community Reinvestment Act/Reg BB, and Bank Secrecy Act to name just a few.

It also provides clear explanations of the less frequently encountered laws- like those on safe deposit operations, marijuana-related businesses, individual retirement accounts, Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, real estate lending standards, and many others. These articles can be very useful when an unusual question comes up and you are pressed for time, as you have the answers at your fingertips.

Our table of contents is organized by operational function plus an alphabetically arranged index to the topics covered. And the text avoids “legalese.” All required specialized terms are defined in plain business English.

The BOB’s eBook format has a handy search bar which makes it easy to find all information related to any topic you are interested in.– view our compliance manual table of contents for a sneak peak!

#3 Contributors to our Know-It-All Compliance Manual Have an Average of 30+ Years of Experience

The contributors to our latest edition in Winter of 2022 have an average of 30+ years of experience in banking compliance. Each contributor to the Big Orange Book is an expert in their field of regulatory compliance with extensive knowledge of all topics related to banking compliance. The summary and analysis we provide is thorough and complete, written by attorneys and top tier compliance professionals. When you reference the Big Orange Book, you know that the information you are receiving is accurate and well-sourced. Google certainly can’t promise you that!

Interested in checking out our renowned compliance manual? With multiple subscription options for banking compliance guidance, we have a plan to accommodate financial institutions large and small.

Contact us to subscribe to the Big Orange Book today.  

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