Capco Academy Blackboard

Capco Academy Blackboard is an online learning platform, offering access to 140+ live and recorded webinars to ensure you stay up to date on the latest in the financial industry. Whether you need continuing credits or are simply updating your knowledge, Capco Academy Blackboard has a course designed with you in mind.

Why Capco Academy?

  • Our courses are created by an experienced team of former bank examiners, attorneys, and other financial industry professionals. We know what you need to know.
  • We constantly update our course offering, listing 20+ new webinars/forums annually. We are committed to keeping you updated on any and all regulatory changes in the financial industry.
  • 25+ of our webinars are submitted to the American Bankers Association for accreditation.

Products & Services

  • Live Forums hosted on trending compliance topics with the opportunity for live Q&A with our compliance experts
  • 140+ recorded webinars available at your convenience, housed in Capco Academy Blackboard
  • 25+ courses with ABA certification available after completion

Our History

As compliance regulations have become increasingly complex, Capco decided to carve out a department dedicated to educating and training our clients on everchanging regulations. Capco Academy was born to provide clients with live and recorded webinars. Prior to COVID-19, the Capco Academy team would travel the country providing clients with in-person seminars and custom training sessions.

Due to the pandemic, we developed Capco Academy Blackboard, an online database housing our compliance webinars and forums. We wanted our clients to have the option to complete accredited recorded webinars at their convenience while also having the option to attend live webinars and forums with real-time Q&As. Capco Academy Blackboard regularly releases new webinars and hosts live forums regarding trending regulatory topics.