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Commercial Lending

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Capco Reference Guides Commercial Lending V2

At last... a compliance training tool for the untrainable. A compliance resource for the unresourceful. The Commercial Lending Quick Reference Guide is designed for the commercial lender. It sets out for each loan and collateral type the regulations that must be followed. It also describes regulations that must be followed in certain circumstances.

The Commercial Lending Quick Reference Guide is an indispensable resource for everyone in your institution who has commercial lending responsibilities. No longer can a commercial lender claim that he or she did not know that a particular regulation applied to his or her loan. Order a copy for each commercial lender in your institution.

The Commercial Lending Quick Reference Guide includes every regulation that impacts commercial lenders including Regulations B, C, O, U, W, BB, the flood rules, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, real estate appraisal standards and loan to value requirements, the Bank Secrecy Act, OFAC and the CERCLA rules.

Updated: October 11, 2018