The Big Orange Book

The Big Orange Book, A Banker’s Guide to Compliance is a plain-English guide focusing on the alphabet soup of federal compliance regulations. Our clients say that BOB is the first place he or she looks when confronted with a regulatory issue.

More than 20 years ago, the Big Orange Book was the first compliance material I had. I’ve used other services over time, but not all services are equal. Capco is top notch with experienced staff and high-quality materials I’m always proud to use.
- Compliance Director at state-chartered independent community bank

The BOB was first published in 1988 in hard copy form and has been maintained by Regulatory Advisory Services since. BOB includes a detailed table of contents that is organized by operational function plus an alphabetically arranged index to the topics covered. And the text avoids “legalese.” Clients today enjoy an electronic edition without the hassle of replacement pages. The electronic edition is easily searchable, contains links to quickly access information, and allows users to highlight or bookmark frequently used information. Clients can easily download updated versions and share within the financial institution.

The Big Orange Book, A Banker’s Guide to Compliance is included with Premium Membership, Essentials package, and Team package. For more information on the various subscriptions, please visit the RAS products and services page.

View The Big Orange Book Table of Contents and excerpt.