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A Deeper Dive into the New Disclosures - Putting it all Together - Are You Really Ready for the New Disclosures?

Getting ready for the Integrated Disclosures which go live October 3, 2015 will require more preparation than normal. This isn’t just a new set of disclosure rules. It is a totally new approach to providing disclosures for mortgage lending. So your preparation and self-evaluation process needs to ratchet up if you are going to be ready. In this webinar session, we will look at the planning and administrative aspects of preparing for the new Integrated Disclosures.

What You Will Learn:

  • Product planning issues – “Do you want to play in this product sandbox any longer
  • Personnel issues including appropriate division of responsibilities
  • Vendor issues
  • Software support issues
  • Back-office support issues and possibly manual work-rounds if automated tools are inadequate or not ready
  • Assignment of tasks and a possible significant realignment of responsibilities, especially with respect to brokers and settlement agents
  • Logistical issues relating to moving information and getting it delivered timely and accurately
  • Quality control considerations
  • Training issues – who, what, and when
  • Resource issues

Target Audience:

Mortgage Lending Officers (all levels), Compliance Officers, Auditors, and Counsel.

Level: Basic to Advanced

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