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Compliance Aspects of Construction Lending

Construction lending has always been the proverbial “forgotten orphan” of the regulatory compliance world. Many of the laws and regulations that cover lending provide little or no specific guidance to help you deal with the nuances and oddities of this very complex loan product. Often forms and disclosures are designed with other more cookie cutter loan products in mind and we are then told to somehow “squeeze” construction loans onto those disclosure formats which were never designed with construction lending in mind. So lenders face constant uncertainty and confusion when dealing with the compliance requirements for construction loans. This session is intended to clear up some of the fog index and to help you handle construction loans without constantly stepping on regulatory landmines in the process.

We will cover:

  • What makes a transaction a “construction loan,”
  • How “construction loan” is defined (or not) in the various compliance rules,
  • What specific twists and turns you need to navigate through relative to construction lending in:
    - HMDA,
    - RESPA,
    - Regulation Z,
    - The Loan to Value Rules, and
    - The Flood Insurance Regulations
  • What optional ways there are to deal with construction lending in each of the above areas to the extent that options exist,
  • What to do when things don’t go as planned and
    - Construction last longer than expected, or
    - End financing vanishes

Who Should Attend:

This webinar is for personnel dealing with construction loan related compliance issues, loan originators and loan operations personnel, auditors, and for personnel handling HMDA reporting for your institution

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