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Regulation CC: Funds Availability Training

Do you or your retail staff often have questions regarding funds availability requirements? Can we place a hold on a cashier’s check? How many days can we hold checks on new accounts? What is a “new account”? Do these rules apply to business accounts or items deposited into savings accounts? When do we have to inform a customer that we are placing a hold on their deposit? How and when are we required to notify our customers of the institution’s funds availability policy?

Join us in this informative training session geared towards frontline staff to discover the answers to these and other funds availability questions.

We will cover:

  • Required disclosures under Regulation CC
  • Applicability of Regulation CC
  • “Business” versus “banking” days
  • Case-by-case holds
  • Exception Holds
  • Common errors on hold notices

Date Aired: March 14, 2019

(Training On-Demands are current as of the date aired.)


  • Diane Banks
    • Diane Banks
    • Diane has over 25 years of banking experience with a focus in consumer lending, deposit operations, loans to insiders and state of Maryland regulatory compliance law. She has helped clients develop regulatory compliance programs and successfully eliminate regulatory compliance findings. Diane is currently the team lead and project manager for Capco Academy. In this role, Diane oversees all development and delivery of regulatory training, webinars, seminars and workshops. Diane serves as one of the lead trainers for all regulatory agencies and custom training for Capco Academy. She brings to the training experience a unique blend of regulatory knowledge, regulatory audit experience and a natural sense of humor. This unique blend allows the audience to learn the practical aspects of regulatory consumer compliance and the field audit application of the regulations in a manner that is relaxing and enjoyable. Prior to transferring and assuming the responsibility for regulatory training, Diane served as Assistant Director in the mid-Atlantic region, including Maryland, Washington, DC., Delaware and Virginia. The team included experienced regulatory compliance and subject matter experts who worked in cooperation with various financial institutions of all sizes to deliver expert regulatory compliance consulting, training, audit, monitoring and risk assessment services. Diane also serves as Capco's credit union expert and is frequently called upon to assist broader Capco with credit union matters.

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