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New Servicing Rules Under Regulation Z - Periodic Statements and Adjustable Rate Mortgage Notices

The CFPB issued new servicing rules on January 17, 2013. These new rules are found in Regulation X and Regulation Z. Join us as we discuss two of the new servicing requirements contained in Regulation Z – the periodic statements and adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) notices. These rules are effective on January 10, 2014 so the time to start making decisions and implementing these new changes starts now!

What You Will Learn

  • Who must receive periodic statements
  • The components of the periodic statement
  • Exceptions to providing periodic statements
  • Requirements for providing the first rate adjustment notice for ARM loans
  • Requirements for providing subsequent rate adjustment notices
  • When a notice is not required

Target Audience

Lenders, Mortgage Loan Originators, Loan Processors, Compliance and Audit personnel

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