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Remote Deposit Capture Assessment

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Guidance from the FFIEC suggests that Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) must be viewed as a delivery system. The associated risks of this delivery system must be understood and quantified by any financial institution offering RDC to their customers.

In this webinar on “The Remote Deposit Capture Assessment,” we will discuss the FFIEC guidance and how a financial institution can assess the risks associated with this product, including compliance risks. We will address the technology aspects that allow customers to initiate deposits from their premises. We will also look at risk management techniques that can help an institution assess merchant environments, the combined operation for processing remote deposits, and the contractual agreement between a financial institution and a commercial customer.

What You Will Learn:

  • Relevant points of interest regarding the FFIEC RDC assessment guidance
  • The elements of an RDC Risk Assessment
  • How to conduct an RDC Risk Assessment

Target Audience:

Risk management, lending and compliance personnel at financial institutions that offer, or are considering offering, Remote Deposit Capture

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