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Restitution, Payment Schedules, and the Latest APR Win Software

Restitution in lending still continues to be a “great mystery” to management and loan personnel at financial institutions throughout the country. Institutions continue to struggle with how to properly calculate the restitution or even whether restitution should be made.

Now with the recent changes to Regulation Z, additional problems present themselves in determining how to calculate payments let alone restitution. One of those recent changes is the new interest rate and payment summary tables and you will need to understand how they will affect the calculation of restitution.

This session will take you step-by-step through the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s Windows-based version of the Annual Percentage Rate program (APRWIN v6.2 - Released May 2008). This tool for verifying APRs and reimbursement adjustments includes relevant finance charge and APR tolerances for verifying the accuracy of APRs and finance charges on loans, including loans secured by real estate or a dwelling.

What you will learn:

  • NEW Interest Rate and Payment Summary Tables
  • What information do you use?
  • Regular and irregular transactions
  • Construction and construction/perm loans
  • What standard are you held to?

Target Audience:

Loan operations staff, auditors, compliance officers, compliance personnel and other individuals in your deposit and loan operations areas that are affected by these rules.

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