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Top 10 Compliance Mistakes

Do you ever wonder if other financial institutions have the same challenges, and are making the same mistakes you seem to be finding? Have you corrected something only to find it has happened again? Or worse, are you waking up in the middle of the night wondering what you are missing while tackling all of the new regulatory changes? If you find you have more work than hours in the day and don't know where to focus your efforts, you won't want to miss this webinar! During this session, you will learn the most common compliance mistakes and how to correct them.

What You Will Learn:

  • Common lending compliance mistakes
  • Common deposit compliance mistakes
  • Common compliance management program mistakes
  • Best practices for correcting mistakes
  • Tips for preparing a corrective action process

Who Should Attend:

Compliance Officers, Auditors, Managers, Lending and Deposit Operations


Basic to Intermediate


  • Cristina Equi
    • Cristina Equi
    • Cristina manages the Premium Membership which comprises a team of lawyers, former examiners and former bankers. Premium Membership provides advice, guidance and training to hundreds of financial institutions on a variety of federal compliance laws. Cristina is also the Editor in Chief of the Capco’s Banker’s Guide to Compliance (the Big Orange Book). In addition to managing Premium Membership, Cristina also oversees the compliance aspects of Managed Services. The Capco Risk Managed Services Center (RMSC) provides a variety of back office services for lending compliance, including mortgage loan reviews, flood reviews, Loan Application Register (LAR) filings, regulatory remediation projects and more.

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