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Updated Mortgage Loan Originator Compensation Rules

In this ever-changing world of regulatory compliance, where each day meets with new compliance challenges, even the way you pay people is the subject of regulation. Financial institutions are now limited in the manner in which they may compensate mortgage loan originators. In this webinar, we will provide a summary of the most recent rules relating to mortgage loan originator compensation and provide guidance on how to properly compensate mortgage loan originators. This webinar will also help institutions identify potential problem areas and provide an overview of the procedures you must change in order to be compliant.

What You Will Learn:

  • Who is a mortgage loan originator
  • What transactions are covered by the rules
  • What the rules say you can and cannot do with regard to compensation
  • What the rules say you can and cannot do with regard to retirement contributions and bonuses
  • What is steering and how it may or may not apply
  • What disclosures must be provided to consumers
  • What clauses are prohibited from being included in mortgage contracts

Target Audience:

Compliance and audit personnel, lending staff and management

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